Ask @TropicalStar:

Whats something you hold dear to your heart? Hugs

Sarah J Lopez
Well, it is material wise too, but necklaces that have a true meaning behind them I keep to heart because they mean the whole world to me. Sure I like how they look but the meaning of them is deeper and that's why I like them. Like the necklace my dad got overseas when he was at war in the middle east. I got it when I was in elementary school and it means a lot to me because a lot of my childhood was very emotional for me to have one parent and not my dad being around cause he went to war a lot and work so there was not really much and it is an emotional time when you are an ocean apart and have no idea what is happening and if your dad will come back alive

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What books have you read? (List the last 5) What are you going to read next, if you know?

Joe Edward Mason
Okay well college books obviously. My psychology one, my law one, my business one currently. I don't read books lol. The other two last books are months ago from other classes which I can't remember which two but I'm sure tax accounting is one of them cause I had a final

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I'm thinking of toning the blonde pieces of my hair tonight. I just am scared becauseeee one time I put my hair in two pigtails right?? so then I dyed the blonde and it gets thiick up in the hair and I had to spend a few mins in the shower gently pulling my hair out LMAO I thought I was gonna lose my hair. so idk which will work better, to tone or dye. It would be easier if I bleached my blonde with blue bleach to make It lighter like platinum but I gotta see if platinum can happen with no bleach

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Where you have your heritage from, do you ever get an emotional response from like music, clothing etc. from said culture? 🤔😊

You get two responses. One being proud of your culture and two heavy feels if you were to visit the concentration camps especially knowing your ancestors went through all of that. I guess like for me it's more of pride out my heritage because my family came a long a way and survived and made a better life for themselves in America. I don't have anything against immigration like some people do which is another reason to be proud of my heritage because it proves that you can be successful.

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🍄 If your special person make a super extremely huge terrible mistakes more than once to you. What should they do to get your forgiveness?. I'm sure it wasn't easy at all. Write down steps by steps they have to follow.

avoiding the spotlight
I already been through this and there is really nothing he could do to make me forgive. Now, I forgive most things because they aren't in my control and as time went on, things changed. The only thing I can't forgive is how he made me feel about myself and our situation. There isn't really much though, like, we tried being friends. I kinda thought we were going to fix that but I guess not. I don't even know who to blame or if there is anyone to blame. lool. I always went out of my way and I probably look like a damn idiot. Well I feel like one. I mean I try and try and I know I'm an emotional wreck but it's really hard when someone constantly leaves you hanging. I am not complicated. I don't need much. I think all he really cares is about "gaining". I don't know what to gain or why it matters so much. Whatever this "gain" is, maybe he'd get a gain if he actually supported me and made me feel like a friend instead of someone useless. But now this all doesn't matter anymore. I just let it go. It is all lost and I feel like every thing is my fault so I really just push it aside and get on with my life. I'd be lying if I said I didn't think of it daily cause I do but there's nothing I can do and I can't trust myself

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