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You think someone from here knows you?

No, I am far too anonymous for that. I mean they know me in the sense that I’m an open book, but not personally. I’ve had followers since the beginning, which was years ago, so they would know me better than some of the people I know in real life, including family. Then again, you don’t know what people are capable of, perhaps someone traced me or whatever. But I doubt it, I’m not worth the time.

What’s ur plans 4 memorial day

My plans were to just catch up on sleep. The day before Memorial Day I did go to a barbecue after work for my dads birthday, begrudgingly. All of that family stuff just isn’t as fun anymore as an adult. You’d think you’d start to be included in the adult conversations after all these years, but then you actually hear the conversations and you’re like I don’t want to be a part of that. So, what does that leave? Everyone asking you to eat and eat over and over again. I like eating, but being pressured to eat just isn’t for me, especially when everyone else already ate.

What were you doing 25 years ago ??

Being a baby. I was only 3. What bliss that was. I was probably playing with blocks or something, not getting annoyed at anything. Sleeping whenever I wanted.

People you may like

Yeah so what I’m a fucking addict ! You ain’t fucking perfect don’t fucking judge me

Woah, easy there friend. I’d like to take the time here to say that “judging” somebody isn’t the end of the world. I may judge you, but rest assured that judgment can be changed readily and says nothing about who you really are. Everyone is judging everyone else, there’s no way to stop it, but you can change it. Of course, there are people who judge others and don’t want to change their opinions, but remember that first impressions are often wrong.

Why are you single?

I don’t go anywhere where I would meet anyone and I don’t like most people. I want something very specific out of a relationship because I’m not interested in something that has no chance at being long term. I don’t put myself out there and i have no interest in doing it. But I also have my own problems like anyone else that would turn maybe most people away. It’s just easier it seems to me because people who are in relationships don’t seem to be enjoying it that much.

Does sweat = body odor

I’m very glad you’ve asked this because I think this topic came up recently and it seems like a lot of people believe that it’s one and the same. I don’t think so though. I don’t think that this is necessarily the case because I’ve sweat before and I don’t think I had B O. And I’ve been around sweaty people and I don’t think they had it either. That said, I think there are some people who have certain pheromones that when combined with their perspiration immediately triggers the B O response. It definitely varies from person to person, but on average I would say it definitely doesn’t mean that.

Please become a more sympathetic person.

I like to think I’m extremely sympathetic, but we all have room for more sympathy. A lot of times it can be easy to write people off as deranged and evil. I have to say that a reason for how divisive things are in the world is because it’s so easy to look at other people and just assume they’re as terrible as they look. It’s much more difficult to learn about people, especially if you view something they’ve done as truly evil. But everyone has something or somethings that they’ve done that somebody else would say is morally wrong.

Is it normal to destroy objects in your house if you’re angry?

Absolutely. Smashing and hitting inanimate objects out of rage is common and it’s better than take your aggressions out on a living thing. Things can be replaced and perhaps you’ll make sure to restrain yourself after you’ve broken your flat screen tv a couple of times. But, a lot of people let their emotions out that way, definitely not anything to be ashamed of or ridiculed for. Also, so long as your destroying your own things, nobody gets hurt.

Ever wish someone would stop being anonymous and just tell you what’s up

albertkurth4599’s Profile PhotoCasper K
Not really. You ever people say you never actually want to meet your heroes? It’s better that someone remain anonymous if that’s what they’d prefer because the truth might be difficult to handle. You might not like the person when they reveal themselves. Them being anonymous means they can be anyone you both want them to be.
However, if this is about a crush or something, then, yes, obviously everyone would prefer they just reveal themselves, but the same caution would be advisable.

Why you depressed😔

Well, probably many reasons, but the main one, in my self-diagnosis, is because of losing my best friend at a very young age. After that, I would always notice how everyone else had a best friend no matter what age I was. I kept trying to make it work with other people, but the more I thought about it the more it felt like my best friend was my best friend but I wasn’t his. So I can’t recreate that because I kind of romanticized it a bit. That and I’m just not like other people, at all.

Are you currently employed? 😌

princessxbunnii_’s Profile Photobunni
Yes. Being unemployed is too difficult and uncertain. I can’t go back to that again. I did it for about two years. It was a lot of lost time and I need to make up for it.
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What is your purpose of trying to communicate with me through this app?!!

I like talking to people who are interesting and good communicators. They are extremely difficult to find, so I’m hoping that being open and honest about what this page is about will lead people to seek it out on their own. I want people who are good and communicating ideas and keeping their emotions in check and I can’t find that on my own without other people interfering. This app is a space that is uniquely mine, but I don’t keep it as an echo chamber. We’ve lost the art of being able to discuss ideas, no matter how painful it might be, without making it personal.

Do you know words in Spanish? Can you tell me?

Yes, I am using DuoLingo to study Spanish daily and many of my customers speak it, so they help me fill in gaps I might need. I can tell you what I have studied thus far, I don't know how helpful that will be to you. But I am also trying to learn multiple languages at once and it can be difficult making sure they don't bleed together.

hey, serious inquiry, are y'all getting over 15 questions a day from anon and randos?

meganorion324’s Profile Photomegan
Yes! I’ve been posting about this. It’s all questions that weren’t sent to my inbox but are obviously meant for someone else. It’s probably drowning out people who are really trying to reach me and their questions are getting pushed back in my queue. They’re all so out of context.

Do you have work soon?

Actually, yeah, I’m on my way in now. Then again, I probably wouldn’t be answering this if I didn’t because I would be passed out. It’s usually either sleeping or work for me because of how tired it makes me. And I work early so it comes up immediately. It’s been dominating my life so much, I couldn’t even imagine what it would be like to go back to being unemployed.

I wish I would've never met you... you ruined me

This is kind of harsh, what did I do to you? I wish there was a way to get ask.fm to stop filling my inbox with these “questions” that don’t even pertain to me. It’s like I’m getting involved in somebody’s relationship drama and I have no idea why. It’s starting to feel like maybe people are using my inbox to send messages to each other or something. I’d like more questions that pertain to me, please?
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I don't have that many friends

sagetoriola13’s Profile Photosagetoriola13
Neither do I. I want more online friends, but since people are worse online than they are in real life it is proving difficult. You’d think something like Facebook would make this easier, but it kind of makes it worse. That’s why I’m just posting my content and anybody that likes in can form a community around me. It’s a tall order, but other people form bigger communities with worse content, so I’m just trying to keep the faith.

Love or Money ?

Money if I’m honest. To me the first and most important thing in life is to be financially secure on your own, that way you won’t need to rely on your partner for anything and the relationship will be about how you truly feel about them. You need to be able to live on your own because a relationship is never a sure thing. Putting trust and loyalty in to someone can really hurt you and you absolutely need to be prepared for anything. You need to make sure that you are taken care of before you even start to consider others.

If you are in a bad mood, do you prefer to be left alone or have someone to cheer you up?

It depends. The person needs to be someone who knows what they’re doing. If they don’t, then they might just end up making things worse. I’d say most of the time I’d rather just be by myself. People have gotten increasingly bad at unity it seems, so I can’t trust them to help me out as much as I used to.

Have u met me before

sagetoriola13’s Profile Photosagetoriola13
I don’t think so. We’ve only interacted on this app, and that’s fine. I don’t really want people I know in real life on here. It might make me censor myself and others and I want to be unrestrained here. I’m trying to help others and I feel like it would be a detriment to have people who know another side of me.


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