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aaa whats meaning of your name ? tushar

Name TUSHAR generally means FROST or SNOW or WINTER, is of SANSKRIT, INDIAN origin, Name Tushar is a MASCULINE (or Boy) name. This name is shared across persons, who are either JAIN or HINDU by religion. Name Tushar belongs to rashi TULA (LIBRA), SINH (LEO) with dominant planet VENUS (SHUKRA) and Nakshatra (stars) CHITRA, VISAKHA.

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like :- If i was ur gf we would make a cutest couple i think💜 i'll play wid ur hairs, tease uh ,kiss uh soo many tyms, Tyt wali hugss i'll be on ur side in evry situation we would click soo many pic together, go on dates. nd i'll love uh endlessely 💋😘😘💋

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Tysm yr :* <3
So sweet of uh :)
Tmhari ye baate dil ko touch krr gyin
Sidha dil pe jaake hit kee h
Now i want to say blush blush :P
Lots of love for uh
:* <3
Anyways tysm once again :8 <3 :D

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