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If your previous gf/bf wanted to get back together with you and have a fresh start would you?

Ehh probably not my ex was a very good person but he has very bad anxiety problems that was affecting me and his depression was affecting me as well and I am honestly happy it's over I like being on my my own and not in a relationship I just need time to fine who I am and who I want to be

What do you wish ?

I wish everyone good health and I wish everyone will follow there dreams and also just be themselves and I wish that all the challenges they face will help them reach there dreams and will help them be a better person not perfect but a work in progress I send all my love and prayers out anyone who is struggling right now I can totally relate and there was times where I wanted to end it all but I didn't and I'm happy I didn't I don't want to be perfect because I love myself for who I am and that is what matters and my greatest advice is ignore the hate you get in life because they don't know all the great things you can do you can do anything you put your own mind too and don't ever doubt that I have had haters tell me I wouldn't graduate and look where I am today I am graduated just know with every problem you have there is always a solution and that it happened for a reason and the reason will be presented when you leave this earth god bless everyone I send all my love and prayers

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A depressing fact: the most common lie is the "I'm fine" text. If someone you know is going through some stuff and they say that, just know it's probably bs and that their suffering.

99 precent of the people who tell me that are genuinely needing someone to talk to and I rather talk to someone and be safe because I care about everyone then not talk and have something happen to them

What is day so special for you? What happened that day?

The day I got my diploma because I been waiting for this day for 4 years and that day finally came and all my hard work and all the challenges I faced lead up to that moment I got it June 1 2019 and it's a great day to be a mustang that part of my life is done but it leads me to a even greater purpose I am so excited and nervous about my future but at the end of the day I will always have my high school memories enjoy the time you have in high school because it will be done with before you know it take the risk and challenges that come your way because it's a one time Change before you have to step out in the real world

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[1]Age? _ [2] Fav color? _ [3] Height? _ [4] Single? _ [5] Best Memory? _ [6] Color Underwear right now? _ [7] Last kiss? _ [8] last hug? _ [9] Crush? _ [10] Kisses or Cuddles

18 pink 5-3 yes single i got many best memory's that is none of your business and makes you sound creepy freshman year was my kiss yesterday was my life way hug Ricky from Ireland boys is my crush and both from number 10

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With a serious answer, What is happiness for you in the future? How would u be happy in life?

Happiness is doing what I love and helping others in need in the future I want to be a counselor I want to listen and help people with there issues I want to be the person people can lean on know matter what is going on in their life I will be there rock and there stone and I just want people to feel like they have someone who cares and I want them to know they can trust me and I will help them to the best of my ability and happiness too me is showing my love and my hope and faith to the people around me this world needs more of this we need more love not hate how will I be happy in life I will be happy because I know I have to be strong for the people around me I am like there rock and they are like my sheep they need someone to lean on when they are upset so they come to me my life has not been easy I have had my ups and downs but honestly it was all worth it my down times have brought me up I use to need people to help me solve my problems now I help people solve there problems and all the bad stuff that has happened to me taught me that I am stronger then I ever thought I was I don't let words bring me down I just get back up and yes sometimes they do bring me down and I wish I would be like them but at the end of the day I know I am me not them and I am special just the way I am and know outside opinions matter to me I have to live my life not there life I send all my love and hope and faith to everyone stuggling out there I send all of gods blessings to you I have been thought a lot myself but god helped me and he can help you

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