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So basically I am giving you a situation. X is new to a place like new to an educational institution maybe and he is kinda shy or just somehow he can't approach people on the first place.He is devasted and way too sad about how to survive life out there.What would you suggest him to do?

Time makes everything better.As it's an educational institution then he should try harder to make a good result and show his skills in different fields.It may sound rude or smtg but nobody will give a damn if he sits in a corner alone,just doing nothing :) He really needs to do something which will make people come to him.And i think he should try to be more friendly then being a shy boy :)
WTH i am talking like an expert lol😂when i myself don't know how it feels to be in such a place :') But i wish it would help,a little maybe! :/

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Which TV Advertise Reminds your Childhood or Your favorite Ad that time ?

Hasibul Alam Niloy
১."খোলা আকাশের নিচে....তুমি,আমি আর ড্যানিশ!😍"
২.সূর্য ডাকে আমার রোদে চুল শুকাতে আসো না😂
৩.ঈদের আগে আর সি কোলার এড🐄

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Likers get? 0 💇Behan. 1💃bhai 👳 2. bae 😘 3. cute 😊 4. beautiful 😍 5. hot 💕 6. idk 😶 7. trustworthy 👍 8. seems to be nice 😃 9. pretty af 😊😊 10. smart 😎 11. good looks 💃 12. brainy 😉 13. want to know you 😋 14. Crazy 😜 15. Funny 😂

Okay!!!keep liking lol😂😂
But selective😊😊

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