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Rank each TTBB season, and give reasons for your rankings:

My Current Rankings:
1- The Basement: My most active season thus far, and that counts for a lot. I loved this cast, although the gameplay was poor at certain points. I loved the twist of this season, it kept things interesting.
2- Curse of the Forgotten: Not as active, but there were some very strong characters. The gameplay was good, although towards the end it became pretty predictable. The twist was subtle but still fun
3- Generations: The cast was very one sided, with only a few people winning for a majority of the season. There were some good characters, but enough bland or inactive people that it took it down. Gameplay was ehhh.

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If you were a juror in Season 2, who would you have voted to win?

Ohhhh this one is hard, but I think I would have voted for Gaston.
I respect how they both played the game, and this is in no way saying that Mark didnt deserve to win. Speaking from how I am as a juror, Gaston would have gotten my vote on the fact that he didnt have as many connections coming in and he had to work to make them.

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If you were a juror in Season 1, who would you have voted to win?

My Jury Vote: Brady
I like both finalist and I think they both played great games in their own respects, but I would have had to vote for Brady simply because Anthony misjudged the jury when he evicted Oakley. Do I think Anthony would have beat Oakley? Probably, but we wont know now, but I do think it would have been closer.

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*answer after the seasons over* had the twist this season not been so large, would the same people have came out on top?

Um I don't like to think like that, because a major part of playing games, especially Big Brother is accounting for the twists. Yes, the twist did affect things like Daniel's eviction, especially, but keep in mind, there were many opportunities before and after that event where something could have been done differently to position certain players in a better place.

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