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How would you explain color to a blind man?

hmmmmm takpela

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What is the first thing you did after waking up today?

tidur semula kekekke

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What's cool nowadays?


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macam mana kalau orang ajak couple 😰

tekan button block .


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u form brape

fthree omg ky pt3 pt3 pt3 pt3

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bilamasuksekolah ?

ahad yeay 😭

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asal suka buka blog . blog cantik ke ?

blog la best yeay . cantik? asal dok bolok sudahh

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What’s on your mind?

nak buka blog then write posts tapi malas .

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What are you really good at?

sleeping . dunno too many talents yeayy//

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Who inspires you?

banyak . akak rasya . lindablacker . dlu zoella syurzm hehhe . chrissy . mostly celebs .

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What would you name a newly discovered planet?

blossomwaize .

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What is in your fridge?

foods ;D

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don't need the butterflies when you give me the whole damn zoo