Ask @Tyahna_Rivera10:

do u like camera in new iPhone X? is it worth that kind of money?

its a good camera, I just wouldn't pay that much money

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¿Han pensado en la brevedad de los días? De los días no importa. ¿Han pensado en la brevedad misma de la vida? Nos dan demasiado poco, habiendo tanto que hacer.

would you assume that I speak Spanish?

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My homecoming dance is tonight and im going with my boyfriene and im nervous, what should i do?

I hope the dance went well but if its your boyfriend obviously he likes you for you so don't ever feel like he doesn't

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Have you ever had a friendship that ended for of a stupid reason? What was that reason?

I was friends with a person they didn't like

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want to be turned into a cartoon?

I think I'm going insane
should I be worried
do I look like someone that should be made into a cartoon?

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