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everyday I walk around with a cucumbur up my butt and I pretend that you're the cucumber ;)


what's your opinion on the situation I'm Egypt?

Well I believe that their government should get a new..I don't know what I'm talking about

I heard that you like to try and produce milk from your nips

I mean as long as I make a profit selling it then yeah

Would you rather drink ball sweat or suck on sweaty, hairy balls?

How much ball sweat and what human being?

I like to rub peanut butter on my pussy and have my dog like it off and pretend you are eating me out

Nooo:( please don't do that

Would you rather cut your Achilles' tendon with a knife or get your dick kicked by a karate black belt?

Kicked in the dick. You can't go back on the Achilles' tendon.

Is it awkward when your brother brings home tons of sloots and you're left with just Jill for the night?

Well if they're sloots then I don't care
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