Look, situation is bad. So when everything is bad and there is nothing to do because nobody gives me money so I can do animation cartoons or anything good for sufism... I just write poems about Muhammad s.a.s.
but nobody comes to my blog =( only few people in whole day. And also I quit facebook. So I have to send you this my new poem over email at least. Otherwise why I wrote it if nobody reads it?
Bismillah Rahman Raheem.

Poem by me.
Do not mistaken his perfume with best of flowers
His hair also perfectly broomed and oiled well
His smile is like glare of sun that you shrink of
On snow white skin he has black color of
Hair and beard as strong young stallion horse
His stature is wide and above middle height
His hair is long and broomed backwards
His dress is white as if he is from bathroom
His feet are free of any shoes or socks
And when he speaks he turn to a person full body
And his chin is lifted and forehead open at that moment
And his speech is clear and fullfilling, fine and wise
As if in every question he giving answer to whole world
And no one can approach him with bad thoughts inside
He melts your heart while approaching him like sun melts butter
And you will feel like baby in it’s mothers cradle
And when he washes before prayer - water drops fall like diamonds
No, diamonds are just a glass. His wudu water is from heavens
And all his steps and smell he left is from eternity a call a message
He smells like someone whom Allah Has Sent…

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