Besides the fact that 3 years passed of Sheikh Nazim being dead - nobody of his rich family bother to put Sheikh Mehmet name to the everyday murid programm, I found this much of mistakes in the holy names and even in word “alhamdulillah” that somebody made wrong and keep selling this just in front of Lefke dergah inside official naqshbandi ottoman shop.
That man who’s name is Murabit is so much loves every dollar that he ready to sell his soul as well as all muslims soul just to earn another 5 euro for selling this wrong printed version of prayers. Or maybe they made it intentionally those jews who control Lefke dergah. Because reading holy text with mistakes creates VERY BIG BLACK MAGIC. Jewish technology of worship to Satan Devil himself.
Sheikh Bahaudin and Mehmet Nazim they pretend to be so much rulers in Lefke dergah and they let this things happen and so much murids passing by the shop everyday and nobody said nothing for so many years.
But when they see me taking photo 3 years ago of one or two women in hijab for sufi.su website (by order of Sheikh Marat of Russia) they call police and make noise for whole cyprus. Saying I am pervert and such. When all those women puts their photos to facebook without any hijab everyday no problem.
What an idiot community.
Anyway from now on you have to check my blog
http://RealityEye.org for my updates and
http://IslamToday.co for Shk Mehmet updates
coz i dont feel like sending anymore email or this or that
its just not fits to someone who say truth to run after people
who wana come they come
and I don't feel like sending messages around.

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