i think that sheikh Thaqib with strong voice from Shk Hisham team actually was doing some stupid answers on eshaykh.com website that I commented as a stupid person.
so once i went to haqqanisoul.com and put post that Sheikh Mehmet is successor of Sheikh Nazim and they removed that
and he came to me on chat and said "stop doing this fitnah. also you called me stupid".
so they call fitnah when you call people of Sheikh Nazim tariqa whom they capture to their services if someone will say Shk Mehmet is deputy of Shk Nazim. Because they 100% sure that Shk Hisham is the one.
very strange that stupid people like this has some titul as Imam or Alim.
Also same to that man they have. Who is Jibreel Haddad i think his name?
yes he also wrote very stupid thing on eshaykh.com when someone asked question whom to follow
and he said "we are sure Shk Hisham is the one to follow. don't listen to those who put doubts just follow what you heart says and your heart is definently on truth (if you feel to follow Shk Hisham)"
so fuck this imams and scholars of Shk Hisham indeed
they are the liar scholars whom Imam Mahdi shall remove heads of
as it is said in hadith first thing Mahdi does is cuts 70.000 false imams heads of muslims
not going to kill kafirs. first muslims.
also as Shk Nazim said shia people going to deny Mahdi and their heads will fly because his sword is one swing and from east to west on horizon heads flying.
yeah man...
this is pure truth and they are pure lie and hypocrites and black magicians and all that
but they have all money and respect and authority of naqshbandi tariqa and shk nazim murids.
and I am here not able even to pay my food or cheap rotten shack where I live with this 3 people with 100 euro monthly support.
nobody gives a fuck about me and nobody gives a fuck about tariqa
Shk Mehmet is just by himself. nobody visits his website I made islamtoday.co
nobody try to promote it or share it
even his istanbul murids
most probably they are all jewish zombies too.
so yeah. its just me and 3 people with 100 euro monthly charity help in the middle of the dead world...

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