Antichrist Shk Hisham?
you know anti christ dajjal he is not a king, president, army commander
he is religious sect leader who will claim he is a saint
and under himself he will collect presidents and kings and celebrities
and he will also have black magic helpers who he will also appoint as holy people
is it not anyone like that you may know? also he will not be from christians or jewish tradition (well depends on what jewish tradition is coz he is definently with jews as is) but he must come against islam with fake islam
it can be for example shia doctrine or sufi doctrine or wahabi doctrine or both
so i see shk hisham perfectly fit on dajjal anti christ role
because he kinda combine all 3 ways of islam described above in himself
but all of them is a lie, jewish lie that he shk hisham sells as truth
but truth remains with shk mehmet who can be imam mahdi himself
so i see myself in this situation as that young man whom Prophet Muhammad s.a.s. described
that when dajjal comes and his people will tell everyone to accept shk hisham oh i mean to accept anti christ
that young man will say "i witness you are dajjal"
and then dajjal will cut him on half with sword and bring back together two parts
and say to people "do you see now i am your god?"
and young man will say "now i see even more that you are dajjal".
so really at this time when all highest muftis of the world including Tahir al Qadiri and Ali Jiffri and russian mufti Talgat Tajudin
they gather on feet of Shk Nazim and Shk Mehmet is his successor (also Talgat recognizes him)
even Pope quit Throne for sake of Shk Nazim
there is no religious leader or religious institution in world left
we are the top and only one
but shk hisham totally wins us by quantity of his followers and his money wealth flow
he does not need to claim he is successor of shk nazim anymore
because he just has it all
what is left is just bunch of idiots who know nothing
and they are not a threat to shk hisham
and with this power over world shk hisham easily can be dajjal anti christ

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