Paradise is under shadow of your swords (hadith)
You know they say islam is easy and such and then they say don’t work for dunya. Next time they will say don’t eat. Trust Allah. And that will be real belief indeed.
I know story when one man was living in stone and Jesus a.s. met him. He was only praying and he live 400 years or so. he was not able find time to build a house because someone told him he will live like about 400 years. so all those time he just pray and pray.
so that was a story of belief.
Shk Mehmet say you dont have to be like in jail, eat drink and have sex but in halal way.
But same time he say dont work for dunya work only for Allah.
I say “yes sir!” i like your thoughts.
But when we open Quran we see only pain and tears that all messengers went through. There is nothing like happy life stories.
So if we wana be muslim and then we wana be mumin and be sufi and be alim and be wali there is no way we can be for our ego to enjoy dunya life and such.
its gona be pain and tears and misery way as all prophets a.s. went through.
and there will be definently mission of delivery word of Allah to stupid masses who will ignore just like here people ignore me they ignored all messengers of Allah in past.
that is I call similar way of what Allah puts as an example in Quran.
suffer my brother suffer my sister.
Rabia was crying and Awlia was crying.
this world is for pain for pray and gain for judgement day only.
but majority they think they are finding warm spot for their comfort dunya life to be kinda islamic style so they may easily enter paradise right after this selfish luxury being a sufi or whatever they call themselves.

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