oh sorry i sent you wrong translation of quran
see this jews they put their stuff everywhere in islam...
better i just translate al muntahab tafsir myself with google help and my corrections
here you go what i wanted to say
"But remember. Once you enter in my team, you can’t go out. Don’t be one of shaitan who was in service and then he become lazy and turn to freedom.
As Allah said in Quran surah 24 Nur (Light) ayah 55 tafsir al Muntahab. Translation from russian.
4:55. Allah gave to those of you who believed, obeyed Allah and doing righteous deeds, a solid promise - to make them successors in the earth of those who were before them, and adopt Islam, which he had chosen a religion for them, and then they will have the greatness and power and Allah will give them in return of fear a safety, they should worship me humbly, without fear and do not worship other gods beside me. Those who, after this will break this promise will prove being incorrect, depart from Islam and are apostates, wicked sinners."
anyway email me info@berabbani.com or whatsapp +90 548 82 007 82 for team up chat
i just look for few chosen ones who can deliver 50 euro monthly non stop for as much as it is left until world will collapse in world war and then there will be no more internet or any banks working and then we don't know how we do this stuff. but until then we must do our best.

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