Naqshi radio. FREE. All muslims must talk with their angel behind right shoulder.
Also nobody will actually understand anything of this video lesson but anyway. I just put it for better days better minds.
Don't watch this video if you are not accepting me Ubaydullah as your guide and teacher and yourself as a dust on my feet. By proceeding to watch this video you admit yourself that or you automatically counted as hypocrite munafik devil.
Top secret information only for real believers mumin.
How to talk with angels? And all muslims must talk with their angel behind right shoulder, especially during namaz prayer to fly to heavenly dimensions. As this is sunnah and real way of Prophet Muhammad s.a.s. pray namaz in his life. Allah told him in Miraj "if you want to come back here, just make namaz prayer and you will be immidiately transported here". Means his soul taken by angels to heavens in namaz.
What is your namaz like? Are you thinking of football and hamburbers only?
p.s. before someone disagree with my saying that 45 of 50 people in Lefke dergah are black magic people agents of jewish governments, just take one little example. That italian-algerian i think girl Jehan she did some coffee sorcery when my wife came to kitchen. She want to remove that cup that on table in Shk Nazim house but Jehan told her "dont move, i will look on it". Means she want to see future and predict as witches do when they do this kind of stuff. Like left over coffee mass after you drink it, they turn cup around to table and then see what the shape of the thing will be. Kind of jinns and witches type of communications. So witches and black magic devils is all around Shk Nazim house and his closest people in Lefke since forever. This is not a joke. Real info. But nobody going to care anyway... Just saying. That is reason of why I Ubaydullah never get any support from nobody. Because they are not real murids. She Jehan for example was a soldier in United Nation corps in Cyprus before she start living in Lefke Dergah. And this is easily can be the soldier spy from euro union. I mean this is not could be, she is the soldier of euro union army and she does magic. Why she is counted as so best murid just because she live in Lefke for 10 years and that she translate Shk Nazim talks for Saltanat website on italian and arabic? No surprise I get bad feeling about that website. All of them are magicians there on Saltanat.org
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