Shk Mehmet Quran 2 hour audio is ONLINE NOW!
Auzubillahi minash shaitani rajim.
Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem.
So I made nice set of shk Mehmet quran from last ramadan that I record.
I added compression and voice become really strong and nice.
I will place link on my website http://berabbani.com to this google drive folder as well.
You can download there maybe 100 minutes of clean voice plus 19 minutes surah kahf from many years ago making together 2 hours of quran non stop by shk Mehmet.
Also I decided i need to get back my equipment from hakkani tv people because they clearly not using it. Also last sohbet shk Mehmet from istanbul 24 april i watch just now and he says something like that. That they in fact regretting to take my stuff kinda. Like better if they did not.
So i think it would be better for me to have it.
One karamat from hajji Rukya. She gave me plastic bucket when i was working in her new house. And i gave it to some guy and he broke it. So i thought wow she want to say i must keep my equipment to myself because other people can not handle it.
But still i gave away things because shk Mehmet said in sohbet "you keeping property and sheikh doing service for ummah" i thought he want me to give my equipment to poor hakkani tv people.
But they not using it. I am not here to through away 1000 euro microphone and other things.
I need myself to record quran and sohbets and my own videos.
And nobody helping me and sheikh acting like a child.
So I wrote them emails to look for possibility to bring back everything that they are not using.
So pray for this inshallah.
p.s. my facebook not working if nothing happens after 24 hour they should open it back.

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