times - Naqshbandi way - shaytan already infiltrated it as well and is making a lot of fake ways. It seems shaytan is always one step ahead and people can never catch up. What are your thoughts on this? (2/2)

Auzubillahi minash shaitani rajim. Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem.
Well... When Prophet Muhammad s.a.s. came to this world shaitan met him and answered his questions truthfully because he has been tied by angels. And he said that he hates the most Muhammad s.a.s. himself. Therefore there is absolutely no doubt that during 15 century shaitan had nothing to do other than totally hate and make plots around so called Naqshbandi way. Because this is the core of islam and herritage of Muhammad s.a.s.
In our days like they say Last Days it is even more problematic of course. Therefore no surprise that so much fitnah and dirt around our tariqa present.
What about wahabi ways and awakening from it I am not sure. I know that it is sponsored from kafir countries to fight against muslims as well as shia people same as wahabi sponsored by kafirs to fight muslims.
So to awaken from wahabi means to awaken from kafirs who sponsor them. Did this happen yet? I am not sure. But it certainly has to be.
So in reality Naqshbandi or sunni ways existed at all times. It's just that people went to dunya too much last century and forgot islam. And Allah made muslims to be so miserable.
So i truly don't know what we waiting for even shk Mehmet is not promising at all.
But I am trying my best and hope Allah helps me. And brothers believers may join me and may shaitan not lead us away.

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