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Hey guys Paul here. I have just discovered myself and that i am a gay male and content. Since then i have been recieving a lot of abuse and harassment from closest of friends and have dissaproved of me and distanced themselves from me. I don't know what to do. I feel very hurt and emotional

Those people are not your friends! You do not want people in your life who are homophobic and hateful because they were never your real friends to begin with.
Try to branch out to more LGBT spaces in your community and online so you make friends with similar people.
Don’t change who you are for anyone. Live your truth as your authentic self

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Do you have any tattoos or piercings? If not, would you like any?

Yeah, I do!
I use to have a lot more piercings, I use to have both my eyebrows done, snakebites, medusa, my hips, my nipple, and the nape of my neck. Now, I just have a vertical labret, septum, both sides of my nostrils then both sides of my high nostrils and my belly button, then 11 in my ears.
As for tattoos I have 3 large pieces on my left arm, 7 on my right, one tiny semi colon on my left wrist and a medium piece on my right calf.

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Aaaandddd sooo it begins... the mass exodus of millions and millions of vaccinations effectively turning people into the walking dead living zombies!!😅😅😀 a new zombie era has begun! :o this is the new beginning of a new apocalyptic era! A new dawning is upon us:o omg😅😀😀:((((((

Sarah xo
How the hell will crucial life saving vaccines turn people into zombies. Like what do you mean by zombies lmao

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What's the worst part about internet?🤔

Probably anonymity. Because most people are cowards by nature anonymity allows people to just say whatever the fuck they want without consequences
Also misinformation. Even though we are so technologically advanced , misinformation has bread a nation of fucking idiots, anti-vaxxers, people who think the earth is flat etc because we have a platform where people can say what they want to who they want

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