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In this world which is filled with chaos, don't you find your mind to be the same? #staif

Odd Fatmah
No. I’m quite at peace.😪😪 I don’t allow the chaos of the world to enter into my being. My space is sacred. I won’t allow chaos😛😛😛. It’s not to say that I don’t get stressed from time to time, or upset - but I am the one that has the ultimate control — over my emotions😮. Yes, there is such a concept as powerlessness - and once that is understood - we move forward. Acceptance is the key. If one accepts the things that he/she cannot change - all will be well.🤔🤔 It’s not a perfect existence - but I believe it’s better than most. Life isn’t fair, it will never be - matter of fact —- it can be downright brutal. It hurts badly sometimes. 👽That’s life. 👽 your coping skills. That’s what they are for.👌👌
Thora Zada Ho Gaya na?😂😂

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Random thoughts?👻

Okay So My Old Friend (Chemistry Sir) Sent Me This(Below)😂
And I Was Like "Jaani WTf?😏🌚
*A New Metal is added to Chemistry:*
Name: WIFE
Symbol: BV
Atomic Weight: Light when first found... tends to get heavier over the years with time.
*Physical Properties :*
- Boils at any time
- Can freeze at any time
- Melts if treated with love
- Very Bitter if Mishandled
*Chemical Properties :*
- Very Reactive
- Highly Unstable
- Possess Strong Affinity towards Gold, Silver, Diamond, Platinum, Credit cards, Debit cards & Cheque books
- Money Reducing Agent
*Occurrence :*
Mostly found in front of the Mirror.
It's highly flammable when mixed with in-laws.

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Some good thoughts ?

Uchiha ALi ♛ ⚆ _ ⚆
I saw a post today in which a guy was saying "Hindu to ramzan k rozy nh rkhty jo hum diwali manain" According to my perspective, celebrating Deewali will not make you non-muslim. Hindus do celebrate eid with us, I've some indian friend who wishes me on every eid. Yes, they don't offer eid Namaz but at least they respect our religious festivals. Saying someone 'Happy Deewali' will not make you non-muslim. We just show love to them and Islam hasn't forbidden us from that. Happy deewali to non-muslim fellows out there. ❤

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