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What gives you anxiety? 👀

When i think of all the responsibilities that ill have on my shoulders and whether or not ill be able to fulfill them
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Yar why tf people take you as rude when all you’re doing is being straight forward 😑

mecalll’s Profile PhotoAzica :’)
Because sometimes people are insecure about the thing you were so straight forward with 🙃
Not your fault, but if you take the time to read someone, shayd ilzaam na lagta.
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Everyone said Matric k baad life set ho jati hai. Kya apki howi?😅😅

Allah ka karam hai matric se pehle b set thi 🙃
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Sometimes you meet someone and you know from the first moment that you want to spend your whole life without them.

Okay that took a twisted turn lol
Lekin nai ese nai hota mere saath ... everyone has something that makes them worth keeping close. Han if the become toxic tw you gotta shut them out
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Do you ever just wanna sit outside with someone and talk all night about life?

I do ... But was the aim of this question to point out the lack of such a person ? XD
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Write corona is my... Let your keyboard decide 😀

Corona is my life now and I will be there at night.


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