Why is our society getting addicted to p*rnography, m*sturbation and lust? What are the most effective ways of breaking this addiction and putting a stop on it's further reach? What are the precautions someone should take in order to secure his/her family from these diseases?

Ahmed Mac
This is actually very important topic to discuss about.Actually we all use to listen a pet sentence everywhere that "tamaam iklaaqi buraiyan deen sey doori ki waja sey janam laiti hein" but many of us just don't take it seriously and trust me asal waja ee yeh hai.About 90% of us are having boyfriends/girlfriends and are in Haraam relationships, wasting their time , worth and Jawaani as we & no one cares 'bout Moral and Islamic values. The only way to get rid of this shit and to heal our souls is to make ourselves sticked with Namaz and Quran.

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