#HappySuhoDay #HappyKimJoonMyeonDay #HappyLeaderExoDay🎉🎊🎂🎈 Apa wish kalian buat leader kita ini? + pap suho nya dong 😍💞😻 . . -vn

"Suho speak for Sehun, and suho hold his tears. When chanyeol and Sehun cry,he comfort to of them, try so hard to comfort Chanyeol. But then, he can't hold his tears anymore. He choose to cry alone. He want to be strong infront his member." Thanksyou Suho, for always be there, comforting your members. Thankyou for being strong too. EXO-L Love you. Strong leader, thankyou for everything.💋 #HappySuhoDay🎉

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