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George Shelley
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You're so perfect, I love you so much, marry me? hahahaha ♥

Ehmmmm, Jesy won't like it! hahaha, but I will :)

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Miss you monkey

Justin Parker ♛

Ohhh Silly Parker! I miss you!

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i miss you .... :(


I miss you too "barrie" :(
how are you?

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Tell us a little bit about you what you like and so ? (:

I like spaguetti

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why are you mad at

She's gone.

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how are u?<3


I'm pretty fine, how about you?

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are you mad at deb?


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Why are you so dam CUTE X <3 X

You think I am cute?

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are you dating Jessy?

Yeah :)

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you wouldn't date a Jcat ?

No, I wouldn't.

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love u xxxxx

sophie clancy

Love you more :)X

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Gosh you're adorable! > v <

You too!

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I sent you fanmail about 4 weeks ago, it was 4 caps for each of you and a scrapbook. Did u get it?

We have a lot of fanmail!! Don't worry babe, I will get it.X

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George, I'd like to send you fanmail but I don't know if you'll read it.... will you? x


Of course I will!! .XX

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george you're my idol!

I want to say, that I smiled reading this question!!

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hey George x i just want to say that you are amazing and i love you for everything you do to your fans <3 #loveFromGermany byee George :)

Selina :*

Thank you lovely!!! Love you.X

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Hey <3 I love you so much you sing all too well <3 I'm french Jcat do you love me ? <3 :)

Thank you, I get really happy when I read positive comments, thank you, i love you, i love france! .X

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Are you really George Shelley? :o ♥ *-*


Yes honey. X

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can i be you girlfriend? lol i love you xx


Sure X

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thanks god u are alive



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I really do.

LOL!!! :)

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I want you to put your big cock in my wet tight ass pussy and make me cum!!! And then you'll finger my little pussy until I squirt all in your face and clean me out, and then I'll suck your cock until you scream and make you cum all over my fucking face! My pussy moans for you!! Eat me out PLEASEEEE


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About George Shelley:

The Guitar Playing, Baby Faced, Monkey Loving, Slightly Crazy Kid from @RealUnionJ !