Ask @Unknown_nerdy:

what is the most common misconception about love that you know? and how are you going to debunk it?

The biggest misconception about love that I have heard multiple times is that “love is blind” and as a kid I will dream about this epic love that see me as perfect and flawless but as I grew older, I realized that the phrase “love is blind” was always used wrongly by unhappy individuals who was desperately trying to justify their partner’s shitty behavior or defend their love story which by the way was always toxic🙄. Love isn’t blind. Love sees flawless and faults, imperfections and limitations. Love sees every ounce of you, every trouble part, every rotten part, every strength and weakness. Love offers a sanctuary, a place to be seen without judgement, a safe space. Love offers a solution to your troubles, a way to turn that weakness to strength. Love sees you for you and love you anyways. I have already debunked it or at least a part of it🤷🏾‍♀️, I am young and I have years to debunk this figure this out and more to learn. 2. Love also never have to be a struggle story. I know that Hollywood constantly shows us this image of love that we have to fight and literally overcome a “struggle” in order to truly love someone🙄 that is not necessarily true. Love doesn’t have to be hard. 3. Your first love is not the greatest love of your life. Throughout the coast of your life, you will have the chance to have multiple great romances. 4. No, you don’t have just one soulmate. You have multiple soulmates and not all of them are romantically involved(don’t confuse a soul tie with a soulmate).
**You asked for one, I give you 4🤦🏾‍♀️ but at least I answer the prompt though.

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Which 3 things would you take to a deserted island ... ?🎑

Why was it deserted?? How long am I staying? Why am I going there?
1. Survival kit: blanket,lighter, raincoat, 5 change of clothes, foodstuff, seeds for planting, 5 gallons of water, e.t.c.
2.Forms of communication: cellphone,track phone, walkie talkie, pen and paper with a bottle, e.t.c.
3.A person: a male character that knows a thing or two about survival.

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