“Shred the labels and rise as a human being – a human being of compassion, a human being of kindness, a human being with real psychological freedom”.. 🙂
SO YESTERDAY I SAW THIS GIRL INFRONT OF MY HOUSE .. SHE WAS CRYING AND WAS NOT IN GOOD CONDITION .. I ASKED HER NAME BUT SHE DIDN’T ANSWER .. SHE WAS JUST CRYING AND CRYING .. I asked her where is your home .. SHE SAID I DON’T want to go anywhere .. HER HAND WAS LIKE FULLY INJURED .. IT WAS HEARTBREAKING .. AS MUCH AS I THINK SHE WAS BEATEN UP BY HER GUARDIAN AND MY ONLY PURPOSE HERE IS THAT PLEASE STOP CHILD LABOUR AND PLEASE STOP HURTING CHILDREN .. THEY’RE FUTURE OF THIS NATION .. In this human world, the misery of the humans can only be lifted by the humans, who are courageous and conscientious enough to take real actions, instead of meekly hoping and praying for an illusory divine intervention🙂
#standup #givechildrenavoice 🙏🏻