Instead of a bag of books on his shoulder, he has cutlery in his hands
Instead of utilising his mind in innovative ideas, he has a satchel of hard work upon his small existence
His struggle for life hs been staggered by the harsh words of the cruel society
But does that really matter?🙂
We are so indulged in our personal lives that blinking of an eye even seems to be a burden!
So who will be there to help these pitiless creatures?
Who will provide them a shoulder to rest upon, an ear to hear their lamentation, an eye to feel their pain and a support to strengthen their souls?🙃
صاحب تم کھلونوں کی بات کرتے ہو
یہاں حالات بچپن ہی چرا لیتے ہیں
He is 10 years old .. He works in H.food (model town C).. SORRY BUT WE’RE GOOD FOR NOTHING .. JAAGO AB TOH JAAGO
#givechildrenavoice #speakupforvoiceless 🙏🏻