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Can you mention the guy you're in love with 🌚

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I love my parents After Allah and His Ahlul baiet a.s ♥️
Allah en duniya walo kei mohabbat me Daly hei na snakes hei milny 🐍
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What does this mean Shia ashna ashri

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Shia literally means "Follower"
Shia Ashna Ashri are those who after Prophet Muhammad SAWW followed Ali a.s as their imam , than His Son Hassan a.s as their imam , than Hussain a.s , n so on other 9 Imams from the progeny of Prophet Muhammad SAWW as a divine hujjat from Allah. Prophet(SAWW) has mentioned in His last sermon. "I'm leaving 2 heavily things among you Quran and my Ahlul baiet a.s en dono sey joury rehna Kabhi gumrah NHI hongy..." So we are taking the teachings of Islam from Quran and Ahlul baiet a.s . (E.g: Quran sabka same hai but tafseer me differences aty hai.. coz ulma self made history kei base per tafseer likhty hai ... likhn Shia ulma tafseer Ahlul baiet a.s kei code karty hai Quran me not self made Like other sects.. that's how they are following Quran and Ahlul baiet a.s) . May Allah give us tofeeqq parh Kar Amal Karny kei b .. Ellahi Ameen SumAmeen 😔🤲.

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