Ask @Usama7571323:

i guarante u i will be more beautiful then her if i will not b i will make myself more beautiful then her plxx

wait what? lol No! relax. its not about beauty, jesus! look i'm sorry but that ain't happening. you don't have to be beautiful to make someone go crazy for you, be a strong independant girl. you don't have to change your self for anyone some day someone might love you the way you are, hope you understand. And sorry again.

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i respect your feelingx but i want to ask 1 thing can i take that girls place plx i know she must b very beautiful but i am beautiful to plx i want a boyfriend like u

No. i'm sorry but she over any other girl? EVERY SINGLE DAY!! you might be beautifull but you can never be her. p.s you are too k3\/\/LxXx you deserve someone better than me.

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Felt so bad to hear that she must b a girl i am sure about it by tha way i am girl and i wish i get a boyfriend like u but if u do not mind can i ask u how that happen

well yes, she's a girl obviously I'm not gay duh! and why do you wish to have a guy like me? trust me you don't! i'm a mess! and no i don't wanna talk about it ,thank you for your concern tho.

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