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For all i know I’ll have to burn in the flame of despair
Even for everything i gave it’s just not fair
To just walk in the loneliness of the dark
Looking for a support looking for a spark
To help me overcome the fears my mind hold
To let go of the memories that hold me damn cold
A hand that pulls me back from my fall
The one which holds me in every single one of my call
I know it won’t happen cause I’m just on my own
The past and present make me too damn prone
For what i know I’m not gonna end before destroying this flame
Cause It’s all in the mind ,All a part of life’s game.

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At times all i need is a walk in the shadows
Returning to old memories, looking for some meadows
To let their glimpse just purify my soul
From what i can see it’s just turning into coal
To have the silence bring back my peace
For sometimes it’s just so easy for us to cease
Letting go of the fear that haunts me like hell
Holding my mind and heart like a prison cell
Now what i know it can’t make any sense
Guess it’s time for me to start my commence.
(.....and I’m out)

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