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This is your life where you should not be dependent on someone because its a time where everyone wanted to be great and for achieving greatness stop asking for permissions and do it, once you will get fail or it may be a bad attempt but after all you will be a at stage where no one can stop you for what you hoped and the very important thing for success in life is that when you had pain or hurdles in achieving your goal never give up because the cure of pain is in the pain.

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What if one day you wake up and the people you love are no longer remember who you are , what would you do ?

Everyone and everything is temporary in this world as been told by Allah’s messengers. Everybody has to go one day and it never means that love for them is over or everything is finished but there should be a patience level which effects the surrounding for the peace for whoever are no longer between us and the only thing we can make for them is “Dua” instead of making yourself weaker because it won’t bringing them back again as Allah knows better then all of us and we should trust upon him, well it’s hard to forget someone but should pray for forgiving their sins. It may give you inner peace and satisfaction.

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