Ask @UzairNaumanTayyab:

How hard is it to bid farewell to something you really liked? 🌚

Manahil Atiq
It is a remainder of your failure, Manahil.
When you sacrifice everything you have and fail, it becomes a part of you.
Failures are a part of life but sometimes it crushes you, and even cause a transformational change to your personality.
You remind me of my greatest failure.
That changed me into the person I am and I am satisfied with that.
Afsoos hota hai kabhi kabhi phir bhi.

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Define your crush😋

Maine us ko itna dekha jitna dekha ja sakta tha...
Phir bhi 2 aankhon se kitna dekha ja sakta tha....
I literally wrote two paragraphs but she can read this so no I am not going to define her. Gaalian nahi khani maine.
All I can say is if I get to spend my life with her, I will be at peace.
You can say that she's a peaceful and kind person.

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