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& we love talking with you baby ♡♡ and believe me, one day you will meet me and you'll always meet becky, just never give up baby!!! WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH

I cry a little bit but know I cry a lot ! I am so happy ! You make my day Camila with this sentence omg ! You can count on me, I will not give up !

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Becky G , You are my Joy of living, You are a Real and a Beautiful Model for me. I admire, You and Your Faith ! God Bless You, and Your Family ! I love you All ! <3 <3 <3 ...
Thanks for send me This Heart, I think about you and I love you, with All My Heart Rebbeca Gomez !
Love you,
Vanessa Ambrosio who love You for Who you are ! I pray for You, God bless you ! He is Very Strong, Amen !

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Becky G say :

Vanessa Ambrosio Love Becky G
Just me and my person. We're currently in the car listening to ratchet ass Bay Area music and I just wanted to take a second to share my appreciation for him. Through the highs and lows he manages to hold it down for me. I'm grateful. I like doing life with you. You're real. I like that shit. #honestpost
Me I say : Gorgeous couple! 😍 💝 I wich you the best !!! ILY Becky and Sebastian !!!! 💕
Congratulations Becky G keep it up !
I love you, I am very very proud of you, I am very happy to see you very happy with Sebastian, you are very beautiful inside/outside, a real model for me !
I love you Becky I can't wait to see your surprises for us, you are this only person to give me smile and very happy.
Thanks for love you give me, Becky and Beasters, you are my Family, my only friends I have, thanks for all you give me everyday, every moment, I am very grateful to you !
I love you with all my heart FOREVER, you are my everything Becky and Beasters, never change, for me you are all perfect ! God bless you !
Vanessa Ambrosio 💌

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