Ask @Vanessamccaughley_:

You act like your the best rider ever and your really not so stop acting like a spoiled brat and snap back to reality cause honey the world isn’t sunshine and rainbows. Most of us have to work for what we have and get!

HAHHAHAHAHAAHH do you know how hard i work? No and i bet you don’t know me so you can shut up right about now. #hatersrmymotivators

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who is nicer mom or dad

well when it comes to how i'm riding they are really hard on me but in general probably my dad but i love my mom just the same

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Many professors can't explain whether soul exists as such, and if it exists, then what is it and where is it located. Do you think there is soul and if so, where is it located?

um yeah and i think it's located somewhere in my body

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