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is it like a chat type thing? or full text like here? sorry for dumb questions, I just never came around it before.

🌹out of shadows: It can be both, whatever you like it to be. Like I mostly do VA writings on tumblr so my discord server is additional for chat rp, in character photo books etc.
Then I also have simply writing servers for other characters of mine like in Grishaverse for example.🌹
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how does discord rp works? I never understood it.

🌹out of shadows: well you can create multiple severs and open several pages on each depending on what you need. You can make a group server and have different rooms for different people, or individual servers...whatever you prefer, really. What I find handy u can use bots of different characters and write one or multiple without switching accounts. I don't use discord much for rp myself, I am mostly there for different discussion groups, but I do have couple servers for rp in addition to my tumblr.
Idk if I made any sense :D🌹
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