Ask @Vasim0011:

What would you like to learn about?

There's actually a lot.
Better conversational skills
Brush up my cooking skills,an essential life skill that's probably the most underrated.
Learning few languages.
Hit the gym.
I wan to be a better decision maker. To be better at handling my emotions. To be able to take negative and positive feedbacks with equal gratitude.
There's more. But this much is enough here I guess.

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What’s the coolest thing people can learn from you?

Rajath Bahadur
I might sound like I am boasting. I am sorry for that. The Coolest thing about me is my attitude. I have failed many times. I have never stopped trying. I have been hurt by many , I have not lost faith in love. I have been taken as granted , I have not lost faith in humanity. I dont have ego to accept my mistakes. And sometimes I take up the fault which is not mine for avoiding unwanted fights. I have faith in goodness.
I will never stop trying.
There is something to learn from every failure. And life is all about experiencing and learning.
I am sorry if I sounded self centered, the question required it.

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