10 facts about you?

10 facts! Hmmm!
1. I am 19.
2. I produce Electronic music.Mostly Progressive house.
3. I play Basketball and its the love of my life.
4. I am doing engineering from MIT,Manipal.
5. Yeah,I am a Introvert(mostly around girls) until I get comfortable! And after that you can see me do all the crazy shit! xP
6.I don't drink or smoke.Although I wouldnt mind drinking.But smoking is something ill never do or try.
7.I am a hardcore gamer.
8.I like Basketball kicks and I buy them whenever I get a chance to :P
9.I am very big PewDiePie fan.(In case you don't know,he's the most subscribed youtuber in the world)
10.and since I can't think of one more fact!ill write that i am single :P

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