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Imitate your best friend? #staif #nohates

Haha! Ok
*He cracks a joke*
Our faces: -_-
He: Oh God,I am so funny! XP
Currently he is practicing for some street play!
Me: Kitne log aa rahe hai?
He: Bhai, Tum log, Vo uske dost aur uske dost and usje dost and unke dost and unke bhi dost aa rahe h!
Me: lest change the name of the play! And name it on your name! xp
Well,there are plenty more but I am too lazy to write XP

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Perks of being your friend?

PERKS? lets see..
1. I'll be there for you whenever you are feeling down or need me.All you have to do is message me aur give me call at any time.
2. I'll let you make jokes on me.I don't mind being the reason of you smiling and laughing! :P
3. I'll teach you Basketball :3
4. i'll try to solve your problems.
5. I wont laugh with you on your lame jokes xP
6. You'll be the first one i'll call for breakfast or any meal or even a party.
7. I'll always stand up for you! :)
I think thats it! :)

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