Ask @VectorMagnus: TFA Sixshot by DJW. A Decepticon Headmaster and he has a cool scarf.

The scarf is a joke that Derrick made; it's a reference to Kamen Rider. However, if he is based on his G1 counterpart, its body could be modified to fit the style of Animated. I already made a sketch, but, it have to wait; very busy with Deviantart requests.

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On the 12th Day of Christmas, the Rhinos give to thee: 12 TRAMPLED Planets, 11 Bay Explosions, 10 Singing Toilets, 9 Lousy Reruns, 8 Ugly Sweaters, 7 Cans of Elbow Grease, 6 Jumanji Stampedes! 5 Halo Rings! 4 Yellow Snowballs, 3 of Ratchet's Wrenches, 2 Unicron Farts, and 1 arrow to the Knee!

Infinite Number of Rhinos
Why do you have to include the Unicron farts? Oooooh, the stench! Anyway, Happy Holidays.

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