If we learn from our mistakes, why are we always so afraid to make a mistake?

Anastasia Murphy
I think the answer is part fragility & part human nature. I myself definitely learn more from my failures than I do from any success - yet I am still deathly afraid of failure. I advocate for white anti-racism people to be comfortable failing - as our lot is to fail over and over again.
I myself make tons of mistakes. It's a weird paradox in that I don't WANT to make mistakes and I try HARD not to make mistakes - but know that I will ALWAYS make mistakes when it comes to understanding my privilege.
It seems the more I am comfortable failing the less those failures derail me. The failures aren't "unexpected" or a "surprise" so I am able to rebound easily. This approach also helps me take ownership and be accountable to my errors. That is, when I make mistakes - I don't deflect or try to avoid blame - I own them & make myself accountable to those I let down.
Never the less, I am still very leery of making mistakes...I would say the "fear of failure" is a significant motivation.
I think I have always been a "jump head first" kind of person. I am reckless with my own body, I have broken my back and multiple bones. I am not easily "embarrassed". My fear of failure isn't my embarrassment but rather letting others down. The more I "try" and the more I "fail" the easier it gets and the less "afraid" of failure I become.

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