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Your thoughts on racism

My thoughts aren't nearly as valuable, interesting nor as well crafted as countless others like Baldwin, Baker, Du Bois, Ellison, Hughes, Hooks and many more.
Check out #BlackAuthorChallenge and commit to reading nothing but black authors for a year.

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When you think of "home" what do you think of?

RedHeadedAnastasia’s Profile PhotoAnastasia Murphy
This is bitter sweet & timely (love you Anastasia).
I'm coming to terms with the fact that I'm sort of the "patriarch" of that side of my family. One of the few oldest generation of males. My house the past 4 years has served as a focal point for family gatherings, holidays and more. As my family parted ways, the last time ever at that house I said amidst the tears that a house is just a house but that it's family which makes it home and regardless of the next house I expect them to visit and make it a home soon.

Do you and Leslie have any children?

No. We are child free by choice. But we have many nieces/nephews/godchildren in our lives.

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