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If I bought a half a zip and take the same zip back home . Lock it real good . Scale it up . Yesterday for the morning classes. Drink it up real good . Till the moment is lost and gone . Will there ever be a tommrow again ?

for everyone else yes, for you no more tomorrows, your moment has came & went, but at least you had a good drink the day after your last class on your last day, after you unlocked the half a zip you had in your home & got to greedy when you used the whole half, hopeful to scale it into a whole full, now all the zip is gone from the hom,e & so are you. moral of the story, use your zips wisely & always have reserves :P

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If you put down on to earth just after going through hell and then to witness hell . Even if the shock hasn't changed. But he let you enjoy every saturday . No words , No letters Just a lonely and a sad rhythm . Which is more like talking to yourself . For asking help . But still can you go out the?

the translator you are using is very bad, cant understand, use google translate, best free translator there is ;)

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What do you think about the gym teacher who got arrest for making a student stand for the Pledge Of Allegiance? Do you think her being charged for child abuse? Is what she did child abuse?

The parents put the kid up to this,place the kid into a disciplenary class (the class where they put the trouble makers, every school has them) & let the parent here how the kids in those classes treat their child so they can reap the rewards of their parental training. Child abuse? what a joke, this is insane, talk to the ppl that were really abused as children and get their input, nuff said

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