miss victoria
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Describe your life in five words?

divorced woman of five kids

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You're hot

yO thanks

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Wtf i haven't used this in yearsssss


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What's your favorite midnight snack?

dry ramen😂

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How would you like to celebrate your next birthday?

with friends and a pretty cake and lots of makeup

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you disappeared again... :(

yeah i do that, I'm sorry😅

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If you have to be awakened, how do you want it done?

by my cats😂

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are you home yet?...

yep haha

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If you fly over Ohio on your way home...don't flush the plane toilet!!! ..lol


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How much longer are you over here?...and what have you been doing while here?..

I'm going home in 11 hours😞 I've been visiting family!

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Are you still here in the states or are you home?..

I'm still in the states! Just in washington~

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If your coming to Seattle...come to Ohio for a few days???...lol

hahah 😝

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What is the most exciting thing you plan to do this summer?

today I'm going to Seattle and I'm staying for 10 days 😍😊

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followed.. followe back and some likes please ❤

Baraa Alȝayan

I don't really want to

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Do you have vsco

how do you use vsco

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your thoughts on the 2yr old being dragged into a lagoon at Disneyworld by an alligator despite his parents trying to wrestle him free?

my heart goes out to the parents, I can't imagine how awful it must be for them

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If you met someone special...would you consider moving to another country to be with them?..

of course

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Or either

I'd rather have a boyfriend considering most guys I've dated treated me like a fwb instead of a girlfriend lol

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Do you want a boyfriend or a fwb right now

lol yeah but I'm not talking to anyone soo

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What is your favorite restaurant?

Burton's Grill
Tuckaway Tavern

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What is your attraction or why an interest in Korea and Japan?..

they're so advanced in skincare and I'm absolutely in love with skincare >< the languages sound lovely, the idols are so talented and attractive...... the nature there is fascinating. there's so much, man haha

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Choose: Burn the roof of your mouth or get a papercut on your finger?

burn the roof of my mouth

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Do you speak any foreign languages?..

I'm learning Korean.

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