Ask @VictoriaLunsford:

If your other half did something that upset you, and continued to do it even after you told her it upsets you, how would you feel?

Ehh that’s tricky. Sometimes things like that can just be out of habit and they may not realize it, and that’s when you have to either remind them you know and address it again or yeah Kinda have to either deal with it and live with it. But in those times also if it’s something that so extreme you need to also think about can I be in a relationship with someone that does this all the time and I’m OK with it?

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How important is positivity in Life?

It is very important. If you don’t have positivity in your life, it’s rather depressing and a drag. Everyone goes through hard times and feels like they’ve hit rock bottom at times, but just in those times you have to cling to whatever positive vibes you have in your life. If it’s a person, song, thoughts of the future, whatever, never let negativity win.

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