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Do you take anything to help you sleep ? 😴

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Technically yes as some medication I’m on for a few of my medical problems has a sleepy side effect to it so I have to take them an hour before bed

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When was the last time you bought DVDs or blu-rays ? 💿

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People called me old fashioned because I still watch dvds and buy them to play on a dvd player I have a big dvd case that has over 500 dvds just because times have changed doesn’t mean I have to change completely with it I enjoy picking up a dvd it reminds me of my childhood with my parents 🥹

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Have you ever try calling Ghost 👻 or Demon 👿

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You shouldn’t mess with the spirit world as if you call one then others shall follow what’s dead should stay dead and certainly should leave it be
(so don’t be stupid)
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Would you consider visiting London ? And if you wouldn’t, why not ?

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I went back in 2014 to see Wembley then went straight home haven’t really ever liked London and my cousins went there with their step dad for the day when they were young and several guys tried robbing and stabbing them so I’d rather avoid London as it’s pretty bad for crime when I say that I mean it’s super dangerous for crimes especially knife crime so Yh definitely pass (I know there can be crime anywhere and everywhere but London is pretty bad for it)

Have you felt unsafe lately due to a stranger’s behavior on the street ?

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I’ve always felt unsafe but that’s because I’m a women but when out and about I don’t feel unsafe as my husband is a very tall and a very well built person so I feel 110% safe when out with him because people are more scared of him

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Life in UK hard, easy or something between

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Currently hard due to the government fucking us over and making bare essentials overly priced and making uk citizens suffer extreme poverty because we can’t afford bread or milk without taking a loan out people are deliberately moving out of the uk to cheaper countries full time just so they can afford food for their families and have a Income that actually lasts and fair prices , government is making everything unrealistically unaffordable we shouldn’t have to be made to choose between either feeding our families or having electricity and gas on


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