Ask @Vinnieyeonata:

Yesterday my friend told me that my best friend talk shit behind me.. and when i heard that, my heart was so hurt. I cant stop thinking that shit until now, im so disappointed. I dont know whats wrong with me and her, but i've did my best for her.. Can u tell me what shld i do?😪

Do not believe easily on what you heard. Ask your bestfriend. Probably she doesn't say shit abt you. Or maybe if she does, ask the reason. Communication is the best solution

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Hello. Im sorry for asking questions again and again about sweet 17. Bcs i never celebrate birthday party before ( just a simple treat ). Hmm. Sweet 17 kalo ada acara gak pk dj aneh? Trs biasanya acaranya gmn aja? Soalnya aku pakai MC yang gak gt terkenal so aku yang atur MCnya.tq

Ga aneh. Anak zaman skrg aja yg kegilaan party musti pake DJ. Zaman gue blm ada org pake DJ kok. Kalo konsepmu ga msk DJ ga usa hire DJ

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