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How do you improve yourself?

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That is a very tricky and person specific task. Most people are not capable of acknowledging what is a problem. It's not a diss on them most people are just not that self aware. A support group helps and you will see setbacks and miss-steps long before progress, but nothing in this world worth having comes easy.
By realizing your flaws. Realizing your worth. Remembering your past not dwelling on it but instead of making impulsive decisions without thinking of the conveniences can save you a lifetime of heart ache.
Ask yourself what you like and dislike about yourself. Don't think in terms of other people noticing a difference in you but if you wanting to be better at various skills or character traits you think could be improved. Just consciencely think about what you want to change on a daily basis and keep at it. It is not a race and you shouldn't do this for anyone but yourself. If you meet certain goals you set for yourself and you start to feel better and see yourself in a more positive light then you will naturally project these improvements onto others by simply being your(new)self.

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