Happy Butdday

haha thank you even though it passed :p

What colleges did you get into and which ones were you accepted to? :))

like mentioned last time, i am going to cc which sounds like an absolute joke to people but planning on transferring to AU or NYU prob

Yeah no shit Sherlock that's because cc is an absolute joke. Like who the hell takes a bunch of IB classes and then goes to cc? Your GPA and SAT must've been trash

assuming that i have a pretty shitty gpa and sat score based on what i said about cc is a joke also. j/s and plus i only take 3 ib classes but i don’t fucking care honestly because that shouldn’t define who i am academically

Ah sorry, I didn't ready your previous answer about cc! Imo, cc isn't an absolute joke. There are many reasons why cc might be better for certain people whether it be because of financial reasons, wanting to stay home and be close to family, wanting to have more free time, and tons of other reasons.

not sure if this is the same person, but yeah basically i am just going to cc and have a little more peace in my life xD

You do realize how hard it is to transfer to out of state schools from CC, right? Chances are you'll be staying in CC...

yeah, but it doesn’t hurt to try (: