what made you decide to work in the games industry?

I've ALWAYS wanted to be a writer. Originally it was fiction, then it was women's glossies, then it was chick-lit. I wrote my first "book" when I was ten (a collection of "spooky" stories that were just as awful as you might imagine) but since then, it's all I've wanted to do.
Which meant I didn't do it, of course. My (unrelated) degree took me down another path, and I spent many happy years working in education.
I never stopped playing games, though - even though it wasn't really something "girls" did then. But when I became involved in the Silent Hill fan community, it developed my confidence talking about games, and then in 2006, I joined a US site as an unpaid contributor. In 2009 I set up GGS as a labour of love, and the rest ... well, you know the rest, right?
To be honest, there was never a plan. Not once did I set out with specific goals or ideas on how to get further. I worked hard, yes, and I tried my best to inject bits of me into everything I wrote; little bits of personality to give readers something they could relate to. When I set up GGS, it was just a blog for me to talk about games in an non-snarky, non-elitist way. I genuinely didn't think anyone would read it.
I didn't sit down and consciously CHOOSE to do this. There's been a whole lot of love and luck along the way, but I guess - to finally answer the bloody question - I didn't consciously decide to do write about games at all. :)

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