How do you find time to game when your husband (I believe) doesn't?

It's true - he doesn't, really. He only plays racers (F1 and FH2, at the moment) and even then, he has to be in the mood for it. I tried for years to get him into it but it's just not his thing, probably just because I grew up gaming and he didn't.
It's cool, though. I like inverting the stereotype. Plus I don't have to beat him to the controller.
I don't watch much traditional TV, I guess - my evening downtime is usually spent playing something when he's watching the footie!
It's easier now it's my second job. I can just mutter something about having to finish something for work and get on with it. Finding time is easy enough; he loves sport, I love gaming. So when one of us is doing our favourite thing, the other does theirs, too. It works for us, and I'm SO LUCKY to have a partner who gives me time for my passion even though he doesn't quite understand it. <3

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